How to import Guitar Rig Presets

The first thing you need is Check your Guitar Rig version, all presets available in will only work if you have the version 5.2.0 , if you have any older version you will have to update your Guitar Rig ok?

Checking your version:

1- Open your Guitar Rig and go to Help> About Guitar Rig


2- Now you can see your version number on Top-Left


Importing Guitar Rig Preset:

1 – Extract your .rar file and once your Guitar Rig is already open and updated, go to FILE > IMPORT PRESET

2 – Now look for the preset on your computer folders and then click OPEN (the extension is going to be .ngrr)

3 – That’s all! Go to your presets list and have fun!


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  • Thorsten Rock March 21, 2019 at 9:48 AM

    Hi, I’m Running version 5.2.2 and tried to import the two settings i bought, but it’s not working.
    i tried importing in standalone via file->import
    and also via putting it into the correct folder.
    any idea?


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